The BC-7 battery charger is designed for charging the

12 V battery used in the MDI models AS-113/12U, AS-131/12U AS-133/12U, AS-134/12U, AS-135/12U, the Test Transmitter TTX and Uplink Command Unit UCU. Four models are available, i.e. the models BC-7/2, BC-7/5, BC-7/7 and BC-7/KPT.

The BC-7 is a quick charger/discharger of the NiCd and NiMH type of batteries. The BC-7 should be connected to 220 VAC - 50 Hz.

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Article about Acoustical Scoring Technology

Please click below link to read our article "Acoustical Scoring Technology" in the Magazine Defence Industry Reports.

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New Scoring Stations

Two new scoring stations are now available from Air Target Sweden AB, i.e. the Mini Marque 8.4" and the Visual Display Unit VDU-12. Both stations are compatible with all MDIs supplied by Air Target.

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