The "LOMAH" system is suitable for scoring of all supersonic caliber sizes.


Typical areas of application:

- Firing range and combat soldier training SASS-4/9.

- Tank Target Scoring System TTSS-4/9.

- All types of static & moving targets, including pop-up targets.



SASS-4/9 is a calibration free acoustic scoring system. The scoring algorithm depends on precise measuring of Mach cone time of arrival in 4 pressure transducers.

The use of a scoring system will increase the throughput and make the validation of the gunners efficient and very cost effective.

One basic SASS unit comprises one Beam Sensor Unit BSU-4/9, one Target Processor Unit TPU-2, a set of cables and the Visual Display Unit VDU-1.

The Beam Sensor Unit BSU-4/9 is placed below and in front of the target. The Target Processor Unit TPU-2 is connected via a cable to the BSU-4/9.

The VDU-1 is connected to the TPU-2 via a cable.

The VDU-1 and TPU-2 are supplied from 12 VDC, or can as an option be supplied from 110/230 VAC.

The firing result is presented on a Visual Display Unit (VDU-1) placed close to the gunner. Several target figures are available, such as half and full size soldier figures, or a ten ring standard target.

The firing result, i.e. salvo center, standard deviation, tabulated rounds, points etc. are presented on the VDU-1. Lane/Target and target (TPU-2) status are also presented. The firing result can be printed on a printer as well.

A sun protection hood covers the VDU-1 TFT display.

Up to 10 ea. lanes each containing several SASS units can be connected to a Range Office Presentation Unit (ROPU) for presentation of the firing result. The result can be printed as well.

The ROPU is an excellent tool to monitor all targets at the shooting range.

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Article about Acoustical Scoring Technology

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New Scoring Stations

Two new scoring stations are now available from Air Target Sweden AB, i.e. the Mini Marque 8.4" and the Visual Display Unit VDU-12. Both stations are compatible with all MDIs supplied by Air Target.

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