The Marque scoring station is a computerized scoring station for collection, calculation and presentation of real time firing results from up to six targets simultaneously.

The Marque Windows XP software gives the user an excellent tool for quick and easy operation, and for setting up parameters for the the most accurate results.

Parameters used for an accurate calculation are the target mission profile together with ballistic and calibration data for the selected caliber.

The Marque scoring station presents the salvo result graphically in three zones and 12 sectors together with mean miss distance, salvo center, and number of rounds.

As a complement to the graphical presentation of the salvo, the salvo result can be given in tabular form, i.e. all scored rounds are listed each with miss distance, sector and relative time.

The presentations done on the color screen can also be printed in full detail on a printer.

All salvos are stored on an internal hard disk in an SQL database.

The result from a specific firing situation can be recalculated with parameters received later to get a more accurate firing result.

The database gives an unique possibilty with many search criterias. These can as an example be; target no., name of gunner, name of firing unit, run no., caliber, start date, end date, type of exercise etc.

This feature gives the possibility to see statistical improvements or degradation in firing results over time.

The Marque scoring station is operated from the mouse and keyboard.

All electrical connectors are located and well protected in the rear connector recess. The Marque scoring station can for example be connected to multi muzzle microphones, remote displays and a remote monitor.

All of Air Target´s miss distance indicators can be used, including the latest universal model. This model allows firings from all directions. (The universal MDI model is a replacement for the A and P types).

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Article about Acoustical Scoring Technology

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New Scoring Stations

Two new scoring stations are now available from Air Target Sweden AB, i.e. the Mini Marque 8.4" and the Visual Display Unit VDU-12. Both stations are compatible with all MDIs supplied by Air Target.

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